Doorway For Lifestyle

This is where the magic happens. Over the next 4 months you’ll take life to a whole other dimension.

We’ll focus on what achieving health, happiness and balance looks like for you. Crafting your strategy by assessing and building on what you’ve already accomplished with Mindset, Food, Fitness, Lifestyle, Relationships, Belief Systems, to leverage your life creating momentum for your transformation.

Inspired to make gradual, lifelong changes, enables you to reach your current and future health goals so you finally have the Life You Deserve!

During the course of the program you will:

  • Outline sustainable health & wellness blueprint
  • Develop Quality of Life vision
  • Evaluate and enrich Food practices
  • Enhance Fitness routines
  • Clearly define higher Purpose goal
  • Lifestyle motivations & synergy
  • Relationship health checkup
  • Reflect and renew Belief Systems & spiritual practices
  • Realignment strategy for Balance & Harmony

Your 4-Month Program Includes:

  • Two, 1-hour one-one-one coaching sessions
    per month via phone or Skype
  • Food & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Unique overall wellness strategy
  • Nourishment strategy based in whole-foods
  • Accountability to achieve goals
  • Food samples and self-care products
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Handouts and other educational materials
  • BONUS: Stress Relief Practice
  • BONUS: 30-minute alignment check-in session
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