How Trader Joe’s makes you go bananas

I enjoy hearing the backstory on how Trader Joe’s got to their decision of offering Banana’s for 19 cents, and there may be this sweet little old lady in Arizona who’s happy now that she can buy a single banana….

However, the sad truth is that when buying a $.19 cent banana instead of the per pound pricing, like all the other stores, I always wonder if this is a good deal.

With no scales in sight…I fight the urge to run over to Shop  Rite to weigh the stupid thing and see if it really is cheaper.

But honestly, I do question my purchase every time over this simple difference.

Thinking… Trader Joe’s strategy was built around only offering things that are cheaper than other food stores and better quality. But in this instance is it true??? Having long given up on counting calories after finding a better solution, I thought my over-complicated math problems were behind me at the grocery store.  However, my math brain still seems to want to be stretched. But missing a piece of the conversion (weight) puzzle leaves me wondering.

Faced with a decision, the drama continues.

… Googling I find an  average banana weighs 4 oz. So that 19 cent banana is equal to $.76/lb. where other stores charge $10 cents less per pound. Hummm… but are these average bananas. I have no idea.

Now tell me, I’d like to know who in the world figured out what the average banana weighs when I see such a bunch of random sizes of banana’s all the time. Was it a bunch of monkeys?

Crazy right, but sadly, Honest too. We’re talking a couple of cents here. But it’s hard to let go wanting to make the better decision especially since I’m heading to the other stores anyway. Money is money and price is one factor in what I buy, so I don’t want to feel ripped off.

It doesn’t end there…To make matters more uncertain I’ve actually tried to search for banana’s that are similar size at my next stop to calculate and answer this dilemma once and for all. Don’t want to bring in the ones I bought, that could be criminal, or actually get charged again thinking I got them there? Too bad the ones here always seem to be bigger, and not 4 oz. I might add because I can weigh them here, so I never quite satisfy my curiosity to get to the bottom of this mystery.

You’d think I’d give up bananas for another fruit already. But no that’d be too easy.

I have learned to end the quest of the best banana price and just buy them at Trader Joe’s changing how I decide.

Logically, I’m spending more per pound but less in the long run when I walk away with those 4 banana’s that are the size I want for $.76 vs. those supersized bananas which run about $1.25. This is a change in how I pick where to get these bananas but definitely more certain in my choice.

But truthfully, it had created a little cloud wondering over such a silly thing. Having spent time writing about this mental game may seem absurd, so much time, too much energy for something simple.  But think about how many choices you’re faced with in which you go through some over-complicated process to make your decision.

My next shopping trip I will resolve this question once and for all when I hunt down a scale to weigh those bananas and put this senseless unresolved dilemma to rest … and if you find change lying by the “Bananas 19 Cent” sign at Trader Joe’s you’ll know I was there.

So, my question to you is where do you go bananas in the grocery store.

– What other products leave you in the dark as the right or wrong choice?

– Where do you freeze up trying to make a decision and then just pick one?

Let’s hear what decision sends you into a tailspin at the grocery store.

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