Fast Track To Success

   Life Vision Remapping                                           Empowerment through better daily
         ... goal setting on steroids                                     decisions (Routines + Food)

    Time Mgt. Hack – Results Booster               Freedom from dieting and fads

✔   Stress Management                                                 Power of Emotions in overall health

    Increase Energy & Stamina                                Rewire self-care in a fun & freeing way

✔   Feel better in your Body & Mind                         Nutrition strategy based in Whole-Food

    Understand and reduce cravings                 Fitness for improving your Quality of Life
                                                                                 at any age or ability

Your Program Includes

90-days of training and group coaching from, the Founder of Doorway For Success, Sharon Kolenda

Two, 1-hour private phone Coaching sessions PER MONTH
                      This is your private time… ask those lingering questions as we dive deeper on what you’re experiencing.

  • Flagship Quick Start Food & Lifestyle Assessment
  • Unique overall Wellness & Stress Management Strategy
  • Accountability To Achieve Goals
  • Food Samples And Self-Care Products
  • E-mail Support Between Sessions
  • Handouts And Other Educational Materials

★  ★  ★  ★  ★  B O N U S   ★  ★  ★  ★  ★

  • Audio Visualization
  • Life Balance Valuation
  • Special Intention Phone Session

Start Your Amazing Life Transformation

One Payment of

$1,500     $997  

50% Discount

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A 1 on 1 personal coaching call with Sharon to help you create balance and redesign your path.