Let’s CELEBRATE!!! A lifetime consumed with dieting/meetings struggling with weight issues are a thing of the past. Those persistent 40 lbs just seemed to disappear. I’m actually excited for swimsuit season being in the best shape of my life. Amazed how you were able to reframe my food triggers and eliminate my emotional eating to drop the weight I’ve carried around for so long. We’ll have to talk about what to do with all the new free time.

~ Forever the reformed diet diva (Karen M.)


So thankful you showed me how to regain control of my family’s health and diet with our crazy on-the-go schedule. Consider me a retired short-order cook and drive-thru dropout. Mealtime has gone from battleground and panic driven to seamless with our quick healthy meals that everyone enjoys and even excited to eat.

~ (Pam H.)


Colitis and food sensitivities had me suffering. Being thin, did not make me healthy or understand what my body needed. This carnivore cringed at the thought of a vegetable. Your plant-based lifestyle made you the perfect instructor to show me how to adjust my diet and make vegetables not only palatable but actually the star of my plate sitting right there next to my steak.

~ (Kathy K.)


Feeling like the “Biggest Loser” shamed by athletes who’s routines just left me alienated, pained and discouraged. You’ve opened a pleasurable world of fitness so I can be active and strong. Who would’ve though this bench warmer’s passion is seeking different ways to stay fit with my latest workout buddies. Loving regards.

~ (Michelle P.)


Having my self-image drive my worth affected my mood, stalled my career, and strained my relationships. Overwhelmed with restrictions of don’t and can’t left me deprived and hangry. Through your guidance with Reiki, mindfulness and self-awareness you’ve taught me how to be confident in me. Consider me your raving fan.

~- (Leslie B.)


Sharon you are my Muse. At one of the hardest times of my life, finding you was a blessing. Going from burnt out, exhausted, and defeated never would I have thought what a gift awaited. With your personal touch, finding balance and aligning everything going on in my life with my vision, you helped make my dream a reality.

--- (Samantha W.)